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Last modified: November 11th, 2013

> Our Story

My name is Jason and I am the inventor of the TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark sleeping mask. An important thing to know about me is that I love to travel almost as much as I cherish my sleep. Sleeping on planes, trains, buses, couches and floors can be tough. In addition to the fact that your body is in an awkward and uncomfortable position, there are a lot of visual and auditory distractions that make it difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep. I found that earplugs and/or noise-cancelling headphones are good solutions to block out noise, but I couldn't find an adequate off-the-shelf sleeping mask to deal with the distraction of visual information. In my opinion, the main problem is that most sleeping masks fail to achieve its primary purpose, to block out ALL light. Not 85% of it, ALL of it!

As an engineer, I decided to take things into my own hands. I spent many hours modifying existing masks and prototyping new ones before I came up with a design that I felt was the best solution to the problem. Since then, I have used my sleeping mask design on nearly every trip that I have been on. Because of the mask's unique design, people would often come up to me and ask where I got it. It was during one of these moments when it hit me. "I have a killer product and one very satisfied customer (me). I am not the only one who would appreciate a good night's sleep while traveling. Why not take my design and and go to market? If not now, when? If not me, then who?"

9 months later, the result is the TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark sleeping mask, available in 4 styles: TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark sleeping mask (black), TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark sleeping mask (white), TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark - Whiteboard and TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark - FACEmask. The TOTAL ECLIPSE wordmark sleeping mask is the most effective, comfortable and useful sleeping mask on the market, GUARANTEED!

> More About the Inventor

Jason Lichtman is a mechanical engineer, specializing in the design of plastic products. He has spent the last several years helping to create safety products for the sporting goods industry. Jason resides in Santa Cruz, California. When he is not traveling or working, he is usually riding mountain bikes in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hiking in the redwood forests or kitesurfing in the Pacific Ocean.

Jason Lichtman with Prototype FACEmask cerca 2009

If you'd like to learn more about him, check out his personal website and portfolio:


> Definition of TOTAL ECLIPSE®

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby at least partially obscuring the view of the Sun.
A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking ALL direct sunlight, instantly turning day into darkness...

Image of a Total Solar Eclipse - August 11,1999

Image of a Total Solar Eclipse - August 11,1999
Photo Credit: Luc Viatour

> Mission Statement

We believe in feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep.

We believe the secret to achieving a good night's sleep, whether in your own home or on the road, is in blocking the distraction of light and sound.

> Trademarks

TOTAL ECLIPSE® is a registered trademark of Eclipse Products LLC.